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"Love is Alive - Venice"
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American Master Artist - Ruth Mayer

Grande Dame of the artiste - Ruth Mayer - has distinguished herself throughout her 60 year Professional Artist career painting virtually thousands of works. When not traveling to capture the moment of events e.g. invited to The Masters, Skins Game, or Pebble Beach, Hong Kong, New York, Las Vegas - Mayer can be found in her California studio from break of dawn to late night. In 1991 Ruth was presented the "American Master Award for Excellence", by the prestigious Hubbard Museum. Ruth's work has also been placed in the permanent Archives of the National Museum for Women in the Arts in Washington DC to be part of the National Treasure. In 1985 Ruth was Honored in recognition with a Key to the City of Las Vegas, and her own name day of November 23 in the city of Las Vegas, for her 8' tall "Las Vegas Strip", by then mayor of the city pro tem Ron Lurie. The Las Vegas Convention Authority received copyright permission to print and distribute 50,000 prints of the work. The original oil painting sold after it's unveiling for $ 100,000.00 in 1985. The world's largest Fine Art Serigraph was produced from the original oil, having 254 individual hand pulled color screens at over a year to produce, to become a unique, and extraordinary collectors piece in Fine Art reproductions.

Among the characteristics distinguishing Ruth's Art has been her incredibility diversity, not only in subject matter, topic material, and style, but genre as well. It is difficult to imagine one artist being so broadly diversified. Ruth Mayer holds a Master's Degree in Art History. No doubt her studies left their impression on the whole of the enormous scope of Ruth's style's. Throughout Ruth's work there is a distinct yet subtle perception upon the viewer that is felt in the old masters. Newcomers to Ruth's art who visit Ruth Mayer Fine Art Gallery in Laguna Beach for the first time are startled when they discover the body of work is a single artist. The scope is a departure from the traditional stylization of the commercial world. All of Ruth's Art (from sports e.g. golf, baseball, football, Horse racing, sailing, to yachts and harbors, to regional scenes of Laguna, to portraits of individuals or entire families, the inventional imaginary scenes of Dragons, and Damsels, to Personal Homes, and Floral Gardens, or Seascapes, and Landscapes, Forests, or Unusual Impassioned Cityscapes, in astonishing detail, Surrealism, Realism, Regionalism, Abstractism, Impressionism, Expressionism . . . All from one Artist . . . is staggering to the imagination. The whole scope of the body of work being tied together by Ruth's distinctive touch, whenever by brush, or palette knife. There has been no end to her remarkable creative diversity.

Among Ruth's Signature characteristics, she paints herself in her paintings - sometimes obvious, other times she may hide her profile in a rock cliff, or in the flowers of a garden, but she is there. Ruth's long red hair is usually a tell tale sign where to look for her. Another signature mark of Ruth's art that everyone has fun with, are her paintings within paintings in the most unexpected and unlikely places, as faces in flowers, or in the sea, or sky, angels hidden staring right at you inquisitively, animals, lions, birds, nudes in the waterfall or in the rocks on the ground (a few hints).

Ruth's Hidden Imagery . . . is often so subtle the viewer could own the art for a lifetime and not know what is there . . . one example, her beautiful "Ann Hatheway's Cottage", with it's beautifully textured floral garden, none realize Shakespeare is there kissing Ann Hatheway . . . until shown. Then it is difficult to imagine how it couldn't be seen before. As Ruth would tell you, these things often appear to her as she is painting, to become part of the painting, but also as often, Ruth see these things as she is forming the work in her thoughts. The viewer is led to begin seeing with different eyes of the mind, from different dimensions of thought, imagination, and attitude. It has become a source of fun for everyone to look for the Hidden in Ruth's Art. It has been a known trademark of Ruth's work since she first began, and something she has done as a natural part of her work, be it realism, fantasy, surrealism, or in any of her multitude of styles.

The Play of Light in Ruth's Art . . . is another distinction marveled over. The question is regularily asked (and somewhat humorously received), if Ruth adds something to her paint to make it glow. No she doesn't, but this is another mark of mastery, and brilliance, but additionally attention, and knowledge of remarkable genius through her use of palette and treatment of subject. This is an example of Ruth's extraordinary mastery over what after much contemplation, is clearly seen as a thorough knowledge and understanding of "Complimentary Opposition". As the light of day changes, Ruth's art takes on may characters. It is like owning many pieces of art in one piece. Genuinely a source of deep joy for a lifetime and beyond.

There are currently over 200 of Ruth's images in publication . . . in either Lithograph, Serigraph, or Giclee' available in Limited Editions. With the Giclee' being the state of the art of fine art reproduction technology, Ruth's Publishing has gone to the furthest reaches of the new technology to be at the cutting edge, even having special program transforms written to accomplish her broad array palette that is a step beyond technology standards being created. The need to reach the diversity of color in Ruth's palette has placed Ruth's reproductions at such a level that they are many times difficult to distinguish from the original oil painting, even by the trained eye. The Highest Quality Standard is a constant striving by Ruth for all her Fine Art Reproduction, to assure the satisfaction of a lifetime of all her collectors. Ruth Mayer Publications is about to enter it's third decade, and bringing with it the greatest level of technological achievements in fine art reproduction technology produced by the human hand, eye, and mind.

The other passion in Ruth Mayer's life is Children . . . She has raised nine in all, both her own, and adopted, while painting. An extraordinary life, of an extraordinay human being. Many piece's of Ruth's art are regularily and generously donated for Children's Charitable Organization's.

Ruth Mayer - a National Treasure of the US as monolithic as Mount Rushmore of her birth state of South Dakota. Ruth has also established herself as well as an International Treasure. Having traveled painting over 30 or more of the 50 states, her travels painting have taken her around the globe. Ruth's her collectors ranging from Australia to Japan, Europe, Russia, China, and Africa. In her travels she has painted Britain, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Germany, Holland, Canada, Caribbean, Hong Kong, Italy, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, and Israel. Ruth has confirmed her status as a global International Treasure with her 1997 Fait Accompli, the masterpiece "Hong Kong". More recently adding to her other famous growing Cityscape collection is Ruth's "I Love New York", her first Cityscape for the year 2000. We welcome you to be among the captivated audience of admirers, collectors, and enthuiastists of American Master Artist Ruth Mayer - into 2001 and beyond.

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